Who Are Mennonites?

Who are the Mennonites?
Perhaps you heard of Mennonites through cookbooks such as More with Less—A World Community Cookbook or through sports professionals, Cindy Klassen, Olympic Speed Skater, or Jonathan Toews and James Reimer, professional NHL players.  Some people picture Mennonites as rural folk who wear bonnets and travel in horse-drawn buggies.

Mennonites share essential core beliefs with Christians of Catholic and Protestant communities.  We believe in Jesus Christ as the One sent by God to bring reconciliation to a broken world, and believe in the Bible as the central source of inspiration for faithful living.

Mennonites are Christians who …

… strive to follow the example and teachings of Jesus in daily life.

… believe we should read Scripture as Jesus did.

… are faithful to Jesus, first and foremost.

… see the church as a place for mutual support and accountability.

… interpret the Bible in community.

… believe that the ministry of reconciliation is the heart of the gospel.

… are active peacemakers.

… believe in service to others as a witness to God’s love for the world.

… believe in living simply.

… believe in caring for creation.

… are committed to being a multi-cultural church.

… welcome you to fellowship!

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